With a name like Infinity X, you have to wonder, “What does that company do?”  Everything.

Well, not quite everything – but certainly enough to keep Stan Weisleder, the founder of Infinity X, busy 24/7.

It could be writing anything from novels, screenplays and plays to articles or think pieces on a multitude or wide variety of subjects or producing or performing actuarial audits of IRS qualified retirement plans.  And in his spare time he hosts THE VIEW FROM OVER HERE on CRNTALK radio wherein he interviews each week someone in the arts or entertainment field, all the while in training for a triathlon.

Although he has at least a half dozen books that are still on the back burner, his published books are:

“A Killer of Lions”, (fourth printing), the only novel ever written that is based on the actual deeds of the four squadrons of black fighter pilots during WWII that had to fight not only the Luftwaffe but also the US Army Air Corp in order to gain recognition, while under the command of Col. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., a West Point graduate that had to endure four years of the silent treatment while at the ‘Point’ because he was a ‘negro’.

“The Trees”, a multi-generational novel told in ‘Godfather’ fashion about crime, gambling, murder and sex, zeroing in on a group of guys and girls that make it out of the slums of Brooklyn, NY and arrive in Las Vegas in time to witness and or participate in the changing of the guard from the mob to Howard Hughes to corporate America and the opening up of Macao with its American sponsored casinos as the pre-eminent gambling destination in the world.

“The Easy Way”, a novel based on the personal experiences of the author, about an older man who is overweight and decides to become a cop because his life is falling apart, going through twenty weeks of ‘boot camp’ and being the oldest one to have graduated from the Reserve Academy of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and assigned as a Detective with the Child Abuse Unit or Special Victims and in the process makes some discoveries about himself.